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Members of the Employer Associations of America (EAA) have been producing reliable and comprehensive surveys for employers for decades. The national surveys are listed below, click on survey titles for more information.

National Sales Compensation

The National Sales Compensation Survey is a comprehensive survey focusing solely on sales professionals and the unique ways organizations use to compensate these individuals. This survey reports on data collected for positions in sales management, outside and inside sales, and route sales.

National Executive Compensation

This is the 44th annual edition of this survey which was published in cooperation with 15 employer associations nationwide who are part of the Employer Associations of America (EAA). 1,671 organizations participated.

National Policies & Benefits

The 2019/2020 survey was conducted in cooperation with 13 EAs representing 1,621 participating organizations. Both a National version and local versions (for each participating association) were produced.

National Wage & Salary

What resource provides comparative wage data for local areas of the country? The National Wage & Salary Survey is an accurate and comprehensive source for this important information. This report is especially useful for companies with operations in multiple regions, for national recruiting, and for adjusting pay rates for transferred employees.

National IT & Engineering Compensation

The 2018 EAA National IT & Engineering Compensation Survey presents compensation data submitted by over 1,200 U.S. firms of varying sizes, geographic locations, and industries for 196 positions.

National Business Trends

The 2019 survey was conducted in cooperation with 16 EAs representing 1,295 participating organizations. Trends covered include Business Outlook, Staffing Plans, Pay Strategies, and Business Improvement Measures.